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[[The unnamed Grey drone returns to Ki's temporary stateroom, bearing a tray with a cup and several "food cubes".]]
Drone: Here are the refreshments you require.
Ki: [Smiling, sitting on the bed] Thank you, but it was no trouble to wait.

[[Ki picks up a "food cube" and makes small talk as she begins to eat.]]
Ki: So am I the first human you've had contact with? Have you been off-world?
Drone: [Flatly] I have no memories of meeting non-Greys before today.

Ki: So what's your name, er, number?
Drone: My designation? Protuberance Omicron, Skaboola Tau Sigma, Scientist Drone #6626068, Revision Thirteen.

[[Ki stops eating and turns to face the drone. There is something familiar about the numerical designation....]]
Ki: 662... 6...?
Drone: [Plainly] 6626068.
Ki: [With slowly dawning realization] Wait a minute... Planck...?

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