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[[The Grand Protuberance returns to the Cynosure, riding a hovering "taxi" disc. As he enters the giant central dome, the spherical force field at the center of the cavernous room begins to collapse, dissolving like a curtain being dropped from above.]]
Protuberance: [Thinking] At last... the force field is lowering...

[[As the Protuberance's disc lands on the central platform in the background, Nick stands in the foreground. He is slightly disheveled and obviously exhausted, but still bears a defiant expression. A booming Grey voice comes from off-panel.]]
Supreme Fu: I must say you are surprisingly resilient, Nicholas Wellington. My drones could learn volumes from your stamina.

[[Our view shifts. We peer over Nick's shoulder and upward as the Supreme Fu looms over him.]]
Supreme Fu: You are also steadfastly stubborn. I can see now why Protuberance Omicron deemed you a worthy opponent during your stand-off.

[[The Supreme Fu looks over Nick to address the Protuberance behind him.]]
Supreme Fu: [Smiling evilly] But you are exhausted. Protuberance Omicron, take Nicholas Wellington back to his chambers. We will continue once he is sufficiently rejuvenated.
Protuberance: At once, Supreme Fu.
[[Nick turns to look at the Protuberance as he speaks.]]

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