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[[Nick and the Grand Protuberance fly through the scanning tunnel as they exit the Cynosure on their flying "taxi" disc. As the tunnel's interior zooms by behind them, the Protuberance addresses Nick.]]
Protuberance: I am impressed. Praise does not come quickly from the Supreme Fu.
Nick: [Sternly] He can keep it. I know what he's trying to do.

[[Our view zooms in on both of their faces. The Protuberance remains stoic, while Nick's expression begins to slacken with exhaustion.]]
Protuberance: It is not my place to oppose my commander. However, it may be wise to suggest your compliance. Is it so much to provide him with the information that he seeks?

[[Before the Protuberance gets his answer, Nick collapses, falling face-first onto the disc's surface with a <<THUD>>. The Protuberance looks down at him with mild surprise.]]

[[The sound of snoring rises from the bottom of the frame. The Protuberance straightens, narrowing his eyes with mild annoyance as he looks ahead.]]
Protuberance: After you have rested and regained your strength, of course...

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