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[[Nick awakens. He is lying on the bed in his and Ki's stateroom on the Grey home world. Obviously concerned for her husband, Ki sits worriedly beside him. Nick sits up, rubbing his forehead.]]
Nick: Ugh... how long was I out...?
Ki: Not long enough. You're exhausted. Try to go back to sleep.

[[Nick reaches to pick up his glasses.]]
Nick: [Grimly] I need to, but I can't. I know what he's doing. It's an endurance game. He knows the Greys have more stamina than us, so he's trying to wear me down so I'll slip up.

[[As Nick places his glasses on his face and continues, Ki looks away from him, lost in thought.]]
Nick: But I didn't tell him anything about where the Earth is and how it got there. I can't let that kind of power fall into the wrong hands.

[[Our view shifts. Nick and Ki are close in the foreground. Nick's expression softens as he looks at his wife.]]
Nick: So... what have you been up to...?
Ki: [Concerned] I hate to say it, but we have another problem...
[[Behind them, the recently "revised" Planck stands rigidly at attention, his blank, passive stare trained on the pair of humans.]]

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