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[[Nick and Ki continue to sit on the bed in their stateroom on the Grey home world. Nearby, the drone formerly known as Planck stares blankly at the opposite wall, passively oblivious to their conversation. Ki appears to be finishing up her summary of what she's learned so far.]]
Ki: And he doesn't seem to remember anything that's happened in the past several years: his time in the U.G.A. prison, the stand-off with the Physarics, the search for Earth...

Nick: [Concentrating on Planck] The Protuberance sent him off to get a "diagnostic" when we arrived. That CAN'T be a coincidence.
Ki: He also said something about being "revision thirteen".

Nick: [Addressing Planck] Drone #6626068, please elaborate.
Planck: [Flatly] Certainly. Grey drones undergo periodic revisions to correct abnormal behavioral deviations, often caused by environmental stimuli...

Ki: [Concerned] Before we arrived, Planck confided in me that he was afraid the Skaboola thought he was "tainted" by his time with humans. He was terrified.
Nick: [Grimly] He may have been right to be...

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