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[[Nick and Ki continue to discuss Planck's mysterious personality "reset", reverting his behavior back to the default expressionless mode that most Greys seem to possess.]]
Ki: [Concerned] Nick, what are we going to do? We can't leave him like this...
Nick: I'm not sure there's anything we CAN do, Ki...

Ki: [Becoming frustrated and gesturing broadly] They wiped his memories! They've turned him into a totally different person!
Nick: [Grimly] And we have no idea if that's even reversible. It may be moot to even argue the fact.

Ki: [Angrily] Don't tell me you're going to LET them "reboot" him!
Nick: [Relaxing somewhat, possibly to calm Ki down] I'm NOT, if we can help it. My point is, like it or not, this is the Greys' way of doing things. They've done this for millennia.

[[We pull back to see Planck standing rigidly at attention, staring blanking at the opposite wall.]]
Nick: It may not seem fair to us, but it's not our place to judge their culture.
Ki: [Gesturing toward Planck] You didn't see him before, Nick. Maybe we DID "taint" him, but he did NOT want to revert to... THIS.

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