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[[Riding one of the "taxi discs", Nick, Ki, and Planck zoom through the skies of the Grey home world. They rapidly approach a tall cylindrical building. There is a landing wrapping around the building partway up with a dome-shaped door.]]
Nick: [Gesturing toward the door] That's the building you went into when we first beamed down.
Planck: [Flatly] That is Diagnostic Facility Phi Epsilon. If I were recently revised, that would make sense.

[[The trio land and enter through the door. The interior is likewise round, perhaps a circular foyer. It is lined with display panels in the Greys' alien language.]]
Ki: [Looking around] There doesn't seem to be any guards...
Planck: Guards are unnecessary under most circumstances.
Nick: Then let's hope human snoopers don't warrant a change.

[[Nick steps up to one of the displays and eyes it carefully. Ki walks up beside him, while Planck stands quietly at attention behind them.]]
Nick: I had to learn to read Grey during the time I was aboard the Skaboola's ship. If I'm reading this right, we want to go this way.
Ki: What exactly are we looking for?

[[Nick gestures toward a nearby round door with more alien writing above it.]]
Nick: This. "Revision Catalog Storage". If I've learned anything about the Greys, it's that they tend to keep backups for just about everything.

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