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[[Nick, Ki, and Planck walk into a cavernous dark room. There is no discernible ceiling, floor, or even an opposite wall, just a catwalk with no railing that extends into the darkness, seemingly infinitely. A console appears to be built into one side of the catwalk. The prevailing blackness is accented with rows and columns of tiny pin-pricks of light that extend as far as the eye can see, fading into the distance.]]
Ki: [To Nick] Wait, you think they kept a "backup" of Planck's last revision?
Nick: [Walking forward with his back to us] I think it's pretty likely. If they considered his behavior anomalous, they'd want to study it.

[[As Nick steps up to the console and begins examining it, Ki seems flustered.]]
Ki: How the heck do you "back up" a living being's brain?
Nick: Assuming the Greys know how to map their own memory engrams, they it's just data. So a bulk copy and wipe... sort of.

Nick: [Gesturing toward the console] #6626068, can you retrieve your twelfth revision, please?
Planck: [Approaching and operating the console] One moment...
Ki: [Frustrated] Nick, he's not a hard drive! You can't slap a few extra terabytes together and just download him!

Nick: Actually, it might be as easy as that. the human brain can hold up to 2.5 petabytes of information, which is nothing for one of these nifty Grey data cubes...
[[As he speaks, Nick gestures toward a robotic arm that swings into view, carrying a small, glowing cube. Ki gives the cube a suspicious glance.]]

References: Grey data cubes
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