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[[Nick, Ki, and Planck are still in the cavernous, dark "revision catalog storage" chamber. A robotic arm swings overhead, bearing a tiny, glowing cube. Nick cups his hand underneath the claw in anticipating of catching it when it falls.]]
Nick: #6626068, this is the entire backup of your previous revision?
Planck: [Flatly] Affirmative. This cube holds the backup plus an initial root cause failure analysis.

[[Nick holds the tiny cube in his open palm. Both he and Ki stare at it.]]
Ki: [Suspiciously] So what do we do now? Plug them both into a computer and copy and paste?
Nick: Maybe, but let's hope the data bus is fast or we'll be here all week.

[[As Nick and Ki examine the cube, Planck remains at the control console and appears to be pressing buttons.]]
Nick: [To Ki] In all seriousness, it's just a matter of finding the right hardware and... [noticing Planck] Um, #6626068, what are you doing...?
Planck: [Flatly] Sounding the alarm. We should not be here.

Ki: [Angrily] We're trying to help you, Planck!
Planck: [Flatly] that may be true, but you are assuming that I wanted, or even required, help. Perhaps you should have consulted my opinion first.
[[As Planck speaks, the door to the room opens, flooding the entry way with light. Two towering Grey soldier drones enter, walking up behind Planck menacingly.]]

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