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[[Outside the revision catalog storage chamber entrance, Nick, Ki, and Planck are unceremoniously escorted through the closing doors. The Grand Protuberance looms on the other side, bearing the tiny data cube holding Planck's previous revision in his massive palm.]]
Protuberance: [Grimly] this is a grave violation of our trust. It is not your place to interfere in affairs that you do not understand.

Ki: [Angrily] You have no right to wipe away everything that made Planck unique!
Protuberance: You are still unaccustomed to our way of doing things. But even tolerance for ignorance has limits.

Nick: [Defiantly] That may be true, but our species believes every sapient being has certain inviolable rights, one of which is independent thought. This should not be true only for humans.

Protuberance: [Clenching his fist holding the data cube while grinding his teeth] Save your arguments. Word of this incident has already reached the Supreme Fu. I am to return you to him immediately, and he will attend to this... personally...

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