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[[Once again, Nick and Ki find themselves zooming through the Cynosure scanning tunnel on their way to appear before the Supreme Fu. As the Grand Protuberance and the "revised" Planck stare resolutely ahead, the two humans share a whispered conversation.]]
Ki: [Clutching Nick's arm to steady herself, whispering] Tell me you have a plan to get all three of us out of this...
Nick: [Whispering] I think so, but I need to ask you a favor...

Ki: [Whispering, but annoyed] You want me to keep my big mouth shut and let you do all the talking.
Nick: [Whispering] I was going to put it a bit more diplomatically, but in a nutshell, yep.

Ki: [Whispering, but frustrated] As your wife, I highly object to that remark. But seeing as I'm already flying off the handle over Planck, a cooler, more logical head is warranted.
Nick: [Whispering] Exactly what I was thinking.

Ki: [Whispering angrily] You're so lucky that you're cute and I love you. Otherwise, I'd tear you a new one once I'm done with all the Greys...
Nick: [Whispering] We'll keep that as our backup plan.

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