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[[The "taxi disc" arrives at the cavernous Cynosure, delivering Nick, Ki, the Grand Protuberance, and Planck. At the massive room's center, the Supreme Fu rests on his circular pedestal.]]
Supreme Fu: I must say that I am disappointed, Nicholas Wellington. Had I known our hospitality would be abused so thoroughly, I would not have been so generous.

[[As the disc vanishes, Nick steps forward. Ki holds back, while the Grand Protuberance bows his head in reverence of his superior. Planck stands passively nearby, staring blankly ahead.]]
Supreme Fu: Your actions represent a violation of our culture's private affairs. I trust you have an explanation that I will find amusing, if ultimately unsatisfactory...?

Nick: [Grimly] I see this as a matter of cultural dissonance. I believe that, through civil discourse, we can come to a mutual understanding of the issue and an acceptable compromise.

Supreme Fu: [Gravely] "Compromise" is not a word that translates well into our language. However, I am willing to listen to your arguments. Convince me, and I will decide if compromise is an option.

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