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[[Nick begins to make his case before the Supreme Fu concerning his and Ki's attempt to recover Planck's lost "revision". He gestures toward Planck, who stands passively nearby, staring blankly into space.]]
Nick: It would be best to start by establishing facts. Drone #6626068--or as we've nicknamed him, Planck--has had more contact with humans than almost any drone in your history.

[[The Supreme Fu listens carefully as Nick continues.]]
Nick: He has also spent extended periods of time far from Skaboola Tau Sigma's influence; an assignment, I should note, he was explicitly ordered to undertake.

[[We focus back on Nick, with a close-up of his stern expression.]]
Nick: Circumstances may have extended that assignment longer than expected, but this does not negate the fact that he was merely following orders. He did not seek out such influence.

Nick: As such, Drone #6626068 should not be held accountable for the actions of his superiors. It was the Skaboola's decision to leave him there for so long.
[[Behind Nick, the Grand Protuberance scowls, realizing that if Nick is placing blame on the Great Skaboola for Planck's "anomalous" behavior, he's implicitly implicating the Protuberance as well.]]

References: Pi and Planck's assignment in the "Mister Inertia" mech: (1) (2); Planck's "anomalous" autonomy due to being away from the Skaboola's influence too long: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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