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[[As Ki, the Grand Protuberance, and the "revised" Planck listen intently, the Supreme Fu responds to Nick's accusation that Planck is not responsible for his superiors' actions.]]
Supreme Fu: I will concede the drone is not at fault in these matters. Skaboola Tau Sigma should have rotated surveillance shifts and monitored his drones' activities more closely.

Supreme Fu: This does not change the fact that this drone has exhibited anomalous behavior.
Nick: No, it doesn't. For that matter, I don't think this fact is actually in dispute.

Nick: However, a human could easily perceive your "revision" process as punishment for actions beyond his ability to control. We would see this as a violation of his rights.

Supreme Fu: [Smiling evilly] Ah, I begin to see where you have erred. You confuse our drones with you innate individuality. simply because you function autonomously does not mean our drones are the same.

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