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[[Nick and the Supreme Fu continue their debate over Planck's "revision". Nick has just accused the Fu of violating Planck's rights as a sapient being, punishing him for circumstances that were outside his control. The Fu sees the situation very differently....]]
Supreme Fu: Drone #6626068 has not been "punished". We have merely corrected a flaw. This is not dissimilar to you removing a logic error in a series of your primitive computer instructions.

Nick: Oh, we see it as VERY dissimilar. A computer algorithm is not a living, breathing entity capable of rational thought, something Planck clearly WAS before he was "revised".

Supreme Fu: You are mistaken. The drone's behavior was anomalous, operating outside acceptable parameters. Corrective measures were required and implemented, nothing more.

Nick: How, then are your "corrective measures" any different from "punishment"? You admit he's done nothing wrong, but from our viewpoint, his individuality has been oppressed.

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