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[[Nick and the Supreme Fu continue their debate over Planck's "revision". Nick sees the Greys' attitude toward Planck's "anomalous" behavior as unjust punishment for circumstances beyond his control; the Fu sees it as "corrective measures" against a systemic flaw.]]
Supreme Fu: This must be the "cultural dissonance" you spoke of. Perhaps an education into our historical narrative will eliminate your ignorance.

[[As the Fu begins to narrate, we see symbolic images from Grey history appear behind him.]]
Supreme Fu: Our species was once like yours: isolated individuals forced to communicate vague facsimiles of complex thought through inefficient verbal and written constructs.
[[We see a pair of "proto-Greys", what their species must have looked like before they began altering their own DNA. There is a male and a female, each with similar body shapes but slight sexual dimorphism. Both have large eyes with visible pupils, no hair, and lighter skin. Flattened ears are just visible on the side of their heads, as opposed to the Greys' simple ear hole.]]

[[As the Fu continues, we see the double-helix of a DNA molecule. On either side, we see the "before" and "after" of their evolution. On the left, the "proto-Grey" has four fingers and a thumb, although the index and middle fingers and joined, as are the ring and pinky fingers. On the right, we see what we now recognize as a typical scientist drone, with its more streamlined facial features, gray skin, and two-fingered hand.]]
Supreme Fu: Through genetic engineering and self-directed evolution, we developed a means of sharing thoughts telepathically. Instantaneous thought transfer revolutionized us.

[[As the Fu continues, we now see a visual representation of the Grey hierarchy: a scientist drone, a Skaboola, a Protuberance, and the Supreme Fu himself. Much like a Russian nesting doll, each "level" has a significant size difference from the next.]]
Supreme Fu: But it also sowed chaos. Unfettered access to each other's thoughts overwhelmed us. In order to survive, control measures had to be introduced. Thus our hierarchy was born.

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