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[[Nick and the Supreme Fu continue their debate over Planck's "revision". Nick responds to the Fu's account of the Grey "historical narrative", in which the alien commander explains the origin of his species' highly vertical command structure.]]
Nick: I can understand, and appreciate, the efficiency of a top-down command structure. We see it often in nature on Earth, and have adopted it in multiple human organizations.

Nick: A centralized hierarchy frees the decisions makers from mundane tasks, which are distributed among the rank and file. It also promotes specialization and redundancy.

Nick: [More forcefully] That said, it can also be subject to abuse. If the upper echelons were compromised by someone with a lust for power, oppression of the lower ranks would be trivial.

Supreme Fu: [Scowling] Tread carefully with your next words, Nicholas Wellington. Insinuation in this arena may have dangerous consequences...
Nick: [Smiling mischievously] Perish the thought, Your Sphericalness.

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