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[[Nick and the Supreme Fu continue their debate over Planck's "revision". Nick has just insinuated that, while a top-down command structure has its benefits, it also has the strong potential for abuse from on high in unchecked. The Fu didn't seem pleased with this implication.]]
Nick: Barring such hypothetical speculation, I submit that it is our individuality and uniqueness that is one of humanity's greatest strengths.

Nick: While uniformity may be more efficient in implementing an individual cause, diversity promotes a wider base of ideas from which new--and often better--approaches arise.

Supreme Fu: Perhaps, provided these "better" ideas are not lost in the cacophony that must ensue.
Nick: True, sometimes the best ideas are buried or even lost. I never said there wasn't a cost.

Nick: But most of the time, the "cacophony" serves to filter out the worst ideas. Better ideas are echoed and amplified, percolating until the best ideas rise to the top.

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