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[[Nick and the Supreme Fu continue their debate over Planck's recent "revision". After Nick brings up the United States Declaration of Independence as an example of humanity's growth, the Fu seems unimpressed.]]
Supreme Fu: Yet your reasoning is flawed. Your planet's history is replete with examples of self-barbarism. It is a wonder your species has survived for as long a it has.

Supreme Fu: You oppress those with arbitrary skin pigmentation differences, who choose to worship different deities, who express oppositional sexual dimorphic properties...

Nick: On the contrary, the ideas expressed in our Declaration of Independence are the culmination of the realization that those practices are wrong. They're the answer to the problem.

Nick: [Sternly] Admittedly, our implementation of those ideals has never been perfect, but that doesn't negate the significance of the ideals themselves. Our "child race" is nearing adulthood.

References: "Child race"
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