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[[Nick and the Supreme Fu continue their debate over Planck's "revision". After Nick has made his arguments regarding human individuality and the growth of humanity because of it, the Supreme Fu seems unimpressed.]]
Supreme Fu: I am beginning to understand your discomfort with our handling of drone #6626068. You see our revision process as a suppression of his individuality, contrary to your beliefs.

Supreme Fu: However, this does not change the fact that, in our assessment, his functionality became flawed and diminished. By our standards, he was incapable of fulfilling his assigned duties.

Supreme Fu: Just as you would deem it inappropriate for us to impose upon you our system of beliefs, so too must I assume the opposite to be true. As such, I see no reason to cater to your request.

Supreme Fu: [Smiling wickedly as he looms over Nick] It seems we have reached an impasse.
[[Nick seems angry with, but unsurprised by, the Fu's response.]]

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