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[[The Supreme Fu has just declared an "impasse" in his debate with Nick over Planck's "revision". Despite Nick's best efforts to convince him otherwise, the Fu has no intention of reversing the process. Nick has one last trick up his sleeve, however....]]
Nick: I have one more reason to request that you restore Planck...
Supreme Fu: May I suggest a more practical and less philosophical approach is in order...

Nick: You wanted to know what I did to the Earth. The reason I have avoided telling you is that the problem is extremely complex and impossible to relate in one conversation.

Nick: [Gesturing to Planck] This drone and #3141592 have been integral to upgrading the power source used in that process. By "revising" him, you wiped away years worth of technical data we've exchanged.

Nick: [Smiling devilishly] It would be far more EFFICIENT to restore him--and leave #3141592 intact--until those upgrades are complete. THEN you can extract the details from them at your leisure.

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