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[[With his previous "revision" restored, Planck thanks Nick and Ki for their efforts.]]
Planck: I... wanted to thank you for getting me restored. I didn't realize how much my individuality meant to me until I lost it...
Ki: [Smiling] No worries, Planck. Humans look out for their friends.

Planck: But there's plenty to worry about! The Supreme Fu is going to expect to get that data about your device eventually...
Nick: We'll cross that Einstein-Rosen bridge when we come to it.

Planck: [Agitated] But that's the point! Neither Pi nor I have a clue how Velociraptor works! Even you said you don't understand it all! You've only delayed the inevitable!

Nick: [Placing a hand on Planck's shoulder] It's OK, Planck. I was well aware of that when the Fu and I made that "deal". Let's take the small victory we have now, and worry about that problem when we come to it.

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