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[[Nick, Ki, Planck, and the Grand Protuberance beam back aboard the Protuberance's flag ship.]]
Grand Protuberance: I must congratulate you on your debate with the Supreme Fu, Nick. I have never seen such a discussion with him reach an impasse, let alone a compromise.

Grand Protuberance: [Walking away] I trust you recall the location of your stateroom. We will leave orbit shortly to return to your solar system.
Nick: Thank you, Grand Protuberance.

[[Planck smiles and waves at Nick and Ki as he walks off to return to his ship-board duties, while the couple returns to their stateroom.]]
Ki: [Smiling] So how do you think everyone's doing back home?
Nick: With Fooker in charge? I imagine they're in a whole mess of trouble. But we'll find out soon enough.

Nick: [Wearily] As for me, I think I'm going to sleep the entire way back...
Ki: [Kissing him on the cheek] I think that's an excellent idea. You've earned it.

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