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[[Fred and Persephone slither their way down the hall aboard the Grey ship. They run into Socrates coming from a different direction.]]
Socrates: Fred, has there been any word on when Nick and Ki will be back?
Fred: Not yet, but Pi seemed pretty frantic about something. We were just heading to find out what.

[[The "molds" make their way to the MUTEX control room to find Pi kneeling before the opened access panel of Velociraptor. The Grey drone turns to look over his shoulder as they enter.]]
Pi: Fred! By Zolon, am I glad to see you!
Fred: Uh, oh... either this is the "Negaverse" Pi or this can't possibly be good.

Pi: I need your help! Fooker, Sharon, Trudy, and Johnson left on a mission ages ago, but Nick's power source failed! I've lost all contact! I need you to help me get them back!

Fred: Yikes. I'll see what I can do, but you probably understand its guts better than I do. [Turning to the other molds] Persephone and Socrates, go find Dex and see what he knows.
Socrates: On it.

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