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[[Socrates and Persephone leave the MUTEX chamber in search of Dexter. As they slither down the hallway of the Grey ship, a passing Grey drone cringes and gives them a wide berth.]]
Persephone: I hope Fooker and Sharon are all right...
Socrates: If Nick's power source isn't working, can they even come back?

Persephone: I don't know. Fred knows way more about the MUTEX than I do.
Socrates: I thought NOBODY understood that machine except Nick. How is Dexter going to be any help?
[[As they pass an open doorway, a suspicious shadow looms on the far wall within.]]

[[The shadow catches Persephone's "eye". She peers around the corner to find, of all people, Todd crouching just inside the doorway. Persephone is shocked to see him. He holds his finger to his lips, signaling her to keep quiet.]]

[[Back in the hall, Persephone turns back to Socrates.]]
Persephone: Um, Socrates, you go and get Dexter. I just thought of someone else who might be able to help.

References: Dexter's one and only time to run the MUTEX, unsupervised; Nick forbids Dexter from running the MUTEX: (1) (2); No one really understands how the MUTEX and Velociraptor work: (1) (2); Todd; Persephone meets Todd; Persephone and Ki discuss Todd
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