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[[Persephone enters the room where, to her surprise, Todd appears to be waiting for her.]]
Persephone: Todd! What are YOU doing here?
Todd: [Smiling] Believe it or not, I'm here to help.

Persephone: Fooker and Sharon are--
Todd: I know, just don't ask me how. And they aren't coming back unless we can fix Velociraptor.

Persephone: Fix it?
Todd: It's been sabotaged. There's a component missing. Cylindrical, about this size... [He holds his hands up in front of him about six inches apart.] We have to find it before it will run again.

Persephone: Sabotaged?! B-by who?
Todd: [Grimly] We'll handle that later. Right now, we need to concentrate on finding that part.

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