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[[The scene shifts to another universe. We see the exterior of a generic looking warehouse with a large roll-up access door and a slightly smaller multi-paned window covered with frosted glass. On the door is the name "Flanagan" in large letters. We hear a voice speaking from somewhere within the building.]]
Trudy: Have you ever sat and watched paint dry? Because I'll bet THAT'S more exciting that THIS...

[[Inside the warehouse is the makeshift temporary headquarters of I.G.N.I.T.E., the covert multinational anti-terrorist organization. Trudy and Sharon sit in front of a computer terminal. Both are still transformed into their half-animal forms: Trudy a brown bear and Sharon a panda. Sharon seems to be deep in thought as she stares intently at the monitor in front of her, while Trudy seems bored, her chin in her hand.]]
Sharon: Well, you could have gone with Fooker and Johnson to assist Smith and Smythe...
Trudy: And get killed by a homicidal rabbit? I'm fine right here, thank you...

Trudy: PLEASE tell me you're making some sort of headway deciphering this code...
Sharon: [Frustrated] Not much. Smith wasn't kidding. It's so heavily obfuscated, it's nearly impossible to untangle.

Trudy: [Giving Sharon the side-eye] and yet it actually DOES something? You geeks are a masochistic bunch...
Sharon: [Determined] Oh, it DOES something. WHAT it does is the $25,000 question.

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