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[[Fooker, still in his "porcupine" form, and D.C. Smythe stand on a dock, looking down at a small motorboat tied to the pier. Valerie Smith stands behind them with her back to us, looking over her shoulder.]]
Fooker: Well, here's your boat, chief.
Smythe: Yes... but no sign of the driver...

[[The group turns to look up at the corner of a nearby building, where a pair of security cameras point in different directions.]]
Smythe: Val, raise Tuttle back at the base. See if he can tap into those security cameras.
Smith: Already on it.

Fooker: You don't think that hare-brained bunny would let himself get spotted, do ya?
Smythe: It's unlike him to be that careless. More likely, he may be leading us into a trap...

Smith: [Holding up her smartphone] Your man Tuttle is earning his pay. He's got footage of "Tee" entering an underground access tunnel on the other side of this warehouse.

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