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[[The strike force enters the access tunnel in search of the mercenary "Joe T." D.C. Smythe and Fooker check out the opposite ends of the entrance, as Lt. Johnson spots Valerie Smith as she descends the ladder into the tunnel.]]
Johnson: Wait... You're EXPECTING this "Tee" guy to lead us into a trap?
Smith: It's possible. Although he tends to prefer the direct approach. His employer, however...

Fooker: You mentioned this "employer" before. Who's he working for?
Smith: I'll defer to D.C. on that one. He's been after Shadow for years now.

Smythe: [Clenching his teeth] Alias "Doctor Shadow". Real identity unknown. Criminal mastermind and technological genius. He's been active for the past decade, wanted in at least twenty countries.

[[As Smythe turns and storms into the dark tunnel, the others exchange awkward glances.]]
Fooker: Sounds like Smythe's got a grudge against this guy...
Smith: He ought to. Shadow murdered his last partner, his best friend.

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