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[[Todd skulks through the corridors of the Grey ship with Persephone perched on his shoulder. They pause as two Grey drones walk by on the other side of a doorway.]]
Persephone: [Whispering] This is such a big ship... I don't see how we'll ever find that missing part...
Todd: [Whispering] It's smaller than you think, and there are only a few places the thief could hide it without notice.

Persephone: I still can't believe someone would sabotage Nick's inventions, especially since we need them to get home.
Todd: Don't forget, not everyone is on board with Dad's plan.

Persephone: If that's the case, I'll bet I know who did it. Fred told me about this one human--
Todd: I'd keep that to yourself for now, at least until you have some evidence to back it up.

Todd: Mom and Dad need all the support they can get. The last thing you'll want is to divide the human "survivors" with accusations that nobody can prove.
Persephone: Oh, right.

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