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[[Todd skulks through the corridors of the Grey ship with Persephone perched on his shoulder. They pause as a Grey drone walks by on the other side of a doorway.]]
Persephone: [Whispering] I still don't understand how you got here, or how you know all of this. Last I heard, Ki thought you ceased to exist when your time line was prevented.
Todd: [Whispering] I, uh, had help.

Persephone: Does she know you're still alive? She'd be THRILLED to hear that!
Todd: She does, but I don't want you to tell her, or Dad, for that matter. NOBODY should know I'm here.

Persephone: But... why?
Todd: Because, technically, I'm not supposed to be here. I and my boss could get in serious trouble if the wrong people found out. It's kind of an emergency scenario.

Persephone: Your... "boss"? Now I'm REALLY confused.
Todd: [Sympathetically] Trust me, you'd only be MORE so if I explained everything...

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