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[[Todd and Persephone reach a portion of the Grey ship filled with strange equipment. In the far background, a Grey drone surveys a large cylindrical column. Todd reaches up, offering a hand to remove Persephone from her perch on his shoulder.]]
Todd: [Whispering] This is the ship's engine room. I have it on good authority that the saboteur hid the component in here somewhere.

Todd: [Whispering, holding Persephone in his hands] Trouble is, he chucked it behind some equipment, far out of a human's or Grey's reach.
Persephone: [Whispering] So you need someone small and squishy to fetch it. Got it.

[[Todd sets Persephone on the floor in front of a narrow crevice between a large piece of machinery and the wall.]]
Persephone: But why did you come to me? Why not Fred or Socrates?
Todd: Because neither of them know me like you do, and I know I can trust you to keep my secret.

[[Persephone squeezes between the machinery and the wall. We look back over her "shoulder" at Todd, who can narrowly see inside the crack.]]
Persephone: You must have really trusted the future me...
Todd: More than you'd ever know. Let's just say Sydney Duncan wasn't your only babysitting gig...

References: "Babysitting gig"
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