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[[Fooker groggily awakens. He appears to be sitting upright with his back to some object behind him.]]
Fooker: Ngh... what hit me...?

[[Our view pulls back to see that he is seated on the floor with is back to a metal support pole. His hands are behind his back. Lt. Stewart Johnson seems to be slumped unconscious against the opposite side. Fooker struggles to move his arms.]]
Fooker: [Thinking] Nuts... hands tied...
Fooker: [Whispering] Stew? You awake back there? Johnson?

[[Fooker turns to look in front of him. D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith appear to be in a similar predicament, tied up back-to-back against another support pole. Both appear to be unconscious.]]
Fooker: [Whispering] Psst! Hey, Smith! Wake up! We have a situation!

[[Suddenly, the alligator who knocked them out earlier drops into view, right into Fooker's face, his huge mouth grinning wickedly.]]
Gator: Cor, 'ou got that roight, Prickles...
Fooker: [Surprised] GAH!

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