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[[Fooker remains tied up with his back to a support pole. We pull back to see a white rabbit in the foreground typing on a laptop. The alligator who captured our heroes kneels next to Fooker where he was taunting him earlier.]]
Joe T.: Quit acting the cod, Al. Told ya not to play with yer food.
Gator: Aw...

Fooker: I assume you're the infamous "Joe T." I keep hearing about...?
Joe T.: Guilty as charged, I am.
Fooker: And Toothy here?
Joe T.: Alexander Eswald Gator.

[[Fooker turns back to the reptile, eying him suspiciously.]]
Fooker: Your... name is ACTUALLY "Al E. Gator"?
Gator: [Winking] Pleased ta be eatin' yer acquaintance.

Joe T.: Don't mind him. His brain's all banjaxed, but he's a bowsie who can literally bit yer head clean off.
Fooker: [As Gator opens his mouth wide as if to do just as "Tee" suggests] I can see why you keep him around.

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