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[[D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith appear to have awakened. As Fooker watches helplessly, Al. E. Gator gives Smith a leer.]]
Gator: 'Ello, Val. What sez yous an' me leaves these jokers an' go haves us some fun...
Smith: Back off, Gator, unless you want a repeat of the last butt whooping I gave you...

[[A voice off-panel distracts them, coming from a location somewhere above. Gator, Fooker, Johnson, and Joe T. all turn to look in its direction.]]
Voice: Now, boys... I said to make our "guests" comfortable. I don't think cannibalism or sexual harassment fit into that category...

[[We pull back to look over the mysterious arrival's shoulder. He looks down at his cronies and their captives.]]
Voice: Ah, my dear D.C. So good to see you again. Same to the illustrious Miss Smith, lovely as ever. And I see you've brought a few friends along this time. The more the merrier!

[[The shadowy figure leans forward, resting his hands on the iron railing in front of him. He is cloaked in darkness, but he appears to be wearing a fine suit. His face is completely obscured.]]
Doctor Shadow: I'll admit it will be a bit inconvenient having to dispose of a couple more bodies than planned, but c'est la vie.
Smythe: You're as witty as ever, Shadow...

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