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[[The mysterious Doctor Shadow continues to gloat over his captives, who are tied to several support beams with their arms behind their backs. Meanwhile, Al E. Gator keeps an eye on them (especially Valerie Smith) while "Joe T." continues to work on his laptop.]]
Doctor Shadow: I would ask for introductions to your new friends, but I have no intention of letting them live long enough to get acquainted...
Fooker: [Grimly] Suits us just fine.

D.C. Smythe: If we're skipping pleasantries, why don't we skip ahead to where you reveal your diabolical plan...
Shadow: And what makes you think I'll do something as ridiculous as that?

Valerie Smith: You're an egotistical, narcissistic, self-important mastermind who can't help but lord your perceived superiority over a captive and supposedly inferior audience...?
[[Smythe cracks a viscous smirk at his partner's jab at their adversary.]]

[[Shadow pauses for a beat, then folds his arms across his chest.]]
Shadow: Miss Smith, you wound me. But I can see why D.C. keeps you around. Fine, I'll enlighten you, if only so my "narcissistic superiority" can gloat over your cold, dead bodies...

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