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[[The mysterious Doctor Shadow continues to gloat over his captives. As Fooker and Valerie Smith watch in the foreground, "Joe T." continues to work on his laptop, mildly annoyed by his employer's antics.]]
Doctor Shadow: But first, you MUST tell me what you already know. I'd hate to bore you with facts you junior detectives have already deduced.

Valerie Smith: You're behind "theNullBoyz" hacks. We traced one of those to "Tee's" laptop.
D.C. Smythe: And we suspect those hacks are somehow related to the "shadowCoin" cryptocurrency.
Shadow: [Off-panel] Good, good...

Smythe: [Baring his teeth] What we're unsure of is WHY. Are you trying to steal money from the world's largest banks?
Shadow: Oh, please. that's SO last century. Try again, old bean...

Smith: No, he's trying to drive up the value of "shadowCoin" by destabilizing the world's fiat currencies. The question is why...
Shadow: Ah, NOW you're getting warmer...

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