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[[Still bound with their hands tied behind their backs, our heroes remain captives of the mysterious Doctor Shadow.]]
Fooker: Cryptocurrencies behave suspiciously like a pyramid scheme. Those who get in earliest stand to benefit the most.
Valerie Smith: And no one benefits more that its creator.

D.C. Smythe: So YOU'RE "Asahi Yamamoto".
Doctor Shadow: Omedeto! Well done! You've managed to outwit the NSA, FBI, CIA, SVR, INTERPOL, and every other acronym I've encountered.

Johnson: So HE invented "shadowCoin"? How much does that mean he's worth?
Smith: As of this morning's prices, Yamamoto's holdings were an estimated $3 billion...

Smith: Mind you, those only include the "coins" known to be held by Yamamoto's accounts...
Shadow: And rest assured I have anonymous access to many more...

References: "Asahi Yamamoto"
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