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[[The scene shifts back to Sharon and Trudy at I.G.N.I.T.E. headquarters. They appear to still be discussing their recent discovery of the cosigning subroutine in "shadowCoin" that allows an unknown party back-door access into the system.]]
Trudy: So this cosigning thing allows someone to dip into every transaction. Are they actively using it?
Sharon: [Staring at the computer screen] I don't think so. At least I see no evidence for it in the block chain.

Trudy: Maybe it's a future "enhancement"...
Sharon: If you mean that as in "a ticking time bomb waiting to secretly steal from every future transaction", I'd agree.

Sharon: We need to notify Fooker and the others. I'll bet Smith and Smythe will have kittens when they find out about this.
Trudy: [Sarcastically] Very funny.

[[Sharon picks up a strange contraption that looks vaguely like a headset with a ear piece and boom microphone, but is oddly configured and has a bunch of unusual, unidentifiable additions.]]
Sharon: [Suspiciously] First, though, I have to figure out how to put this headset on...
Trudy: I guess they have to accommodate all sorts of head types around here...

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