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[[Sharon has managed to put on the strange headset and attempts to contact the others.]]
Sharon: Fooker, this is Sharon. Can you hear me? Fooker? Hello?
[[There is no apparent answer as Trudy looks at her expectantly.]]
Sharon: Odd... the channel's open, but he's not responding...

Trudy: Maybe they're in trouble...
Sharon: I think you're right. I can hear voices. There's Smythe and Smith and... a voice I don't recognize...

Trudy: Can you make out what they're saying?
Sharon: Not really. Just snippets. I doubt their earpieces were designed to pick up ambient room noises.

[[Sharon addresses Fooker over the headset.]]
Sharon: OK, big guy. I'm assuming you can hear me, but you can't respond without giving yourself away. So listen very carefully. We've figured out how "shadowCoin" works...

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