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[[Back at Doctor Shadow's underground hideout, Fooker interrupts D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith's banter with their adversary. From what he has to say, it's apparent that he successfully received Sharon's message about the secret behind "shadowCoin's" cosigning subroutines. As he speaks, Joe T., Al E. Gator, and Lieutenant Johnson listen carefully.]]
Fooker: These hidden assets you're alluding to... is that access to anonymous, extra accounts, or secret access to everyone else's wallets?
Doctor Shadow: Excuse me...?

[[Smythe and Smith listen suspiciously as Fooker continues.]]
Fooker: That heavily obfuscated code, scattered across multiple modules, a Gordian knot of subroutines... it's secret cosigning code. You have a finger in very single wallet.

Fooker: You can spirit away an amount you wish, anytime you want, from skimming a few cents of every transaction to emptying wallets wholesale.
Shadow: [Folding his arms across his chest] Very perceptive.

[[As Shadow continues, we focus on Fooker's back. He has managed to lift up the tail of his shirt and is using the porcupine spines on his back to slowly but surely cut through the ropes binding him.]]
Shadow: I'm not sure how you detangled my Trojan horse, my spiny friend, but you're too late. Once Tee finishes setting up our final "NullBoyz" attack, none of that will matter...

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