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[[Still apparently tied up, Fooker addresses the mysterious Doctor Shadow.]]
Fooker: So, these attacks of yours. Are they just a classic DDoS attack, or something more elaborate?
Doctor Shadow: [Folding his arms across his chest in annoyance] What matter is it to you, you persistent pincushion?

Fooker: Professional curiosity. Kinda my thing. I'll bet you're using a botnet. Is it fully peer-to-peer, or do you have a central C&C server somewhere...?
[["Joe T." gives Doctor Shadow a frustrated glance.]]
Shadow: Ignore him, Tee.

Fooker: Ya know, if you're not careful, someone might trace your IP address again...
Shadow: [Growing impatient] Is there a point you're trying to reach, lad? If not, Gator will be more than happy to silence you...
[[Al E. Gator kneels down next to Fooker threateningly.]]

[[Fooker's face grows more determined as, behind him, Lieutenant Johnson smiles.]]
Fooker: Nah, just stalling for time until I finish untying my buddy Johnson here. Then we'll finally be able to make our move...

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