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[[It is an indeterminate period of time later. Fooker stirs, slowly picking himself up from a prone position on the floor. D.C. Smythe kneels beside him, grabbing his arm to help him up.]]
Fooker: What... happened...?
Smythe: One of Shadow's lesser known tricks, it appears...

[[Fooker turns to look behind him, where Valerie Smith helps Lieutenant Johnson to his feet. Johnson rubs his head as if nursing a headache.]]
Smith: We still haven't figured out how he does it, but he's used it once or twice before. He must have been pretty desperate to resort to it.

[[Fooker turns his attention to the other direction, where he spies the laptop Joe T. was using to coordinate Doctor Shadow's cyberattacks. The laptop lies on its side in the foreground, its screen cracked and several keys knocked loose. Smythe follows his gaze.]]
Fooker: Desperate enough to leave behind a laptop full of tasty evidence. Looks smashed, but I'll bet the drive's still recoverable.

[[Fooker picks up the laptop and inspects it.]]
Smythe: If nothing else, that ought to stop his cyberattacks.
Fooker: For now. Once Sharon and I dissect this C&C code, though, they ought to be out of business for good.

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