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[[The "strike team" returns to I.G.N.I.T.E headquarters, where they are reunited with Sharon and Trudy. As Trudy, Johnson, and D.C. Smythe watch, Valerie Smith examines the shattered laptop.]]
Smith: Shadow may have gotten away, but this will give us what we need to track him down.
[[Meanwhile, Sharon throws her arms around Fooker, giving her husband a huge hug.]]
Fooker: Watch the spines...
Sharon: I don't care! Ow!

[[Sharon turns her attention to Smith.]]
Sharon: Well, I was able to document everything I learned about the "shadowCoin" code.
Smith: Excellent! Once that hits the 'Net, I'll bet the entire system will collapse.

[[Fooker turns to Smythe.]]
Fooker: At least we were able to foil the Big Bad's plans, even if we couldn't help you catch him.
Smythe: [Smiling] Oh, your help was certainly appreciated.

[[While everyone else seems to be happy the current situation is resolved, Trudy is a bit more pessimistic.]]
Trudy: Unfortunately, we still have another problem. If we can't reach Pi, how are we getting home...?
[[As everyone else turns to acknowledge her remark, their faces display various levels of concern.]]

References: I.G.N.I.T.E. HQ
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