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[[Back in D.C. Smythe's universe, the "away team" quietly discusses their options now that the mission is over but they still seem to be stranded. Smythe is distracted by something behind him and peers over his shoulder.]]

[[Behind him, Smythe spies the translucent form of the Gamester. The Gamester holds up his hand and gives Smythe an "OK" gesture. Smythe smiles.]]

[[Smythe turns back to the others.]]
Smythe: Perhaps you should try your comm devices again...
[[Just then, the ear piece in Fooker's hand crackles to life.]]
Pi: [From the ear piece] Away team! This is Pi! Can you hear me?

[[The others look around in bewilderment.]]
Johnson: Huh... sounds like our ride's here to pick us up after all...
Smythe: Then we shan't keep you. Good luck. Hopefully we'll meet again...
[[Valerie Smith gives her partner a suspicious sideways glance.]]

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