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[[The "away team" materializes in the "prime" GPF universe, much to the relief of Dexter, Pi, and the molds, who are all waiting for them. As the team remove their MUTEX helmets, Fooker has obvious "helmet hair".]]
Pi: [Relieved] By Zolon's follicles! It worked! They're back!
Sharon: [Concerned] Apparently so. What happened? We lost contact.

Dexter: [Angrily] Sabotage. Someone yanked a vital component out of Velociraptor and nearly stranded you.
Persephone: Technically, we don't KNOW it was sabotage...

Pi: [Suspiciously] Maybe not, but it fits the available evidence. Unfortunately, ship's security doesn't monitor this room that closely, so I'm not sure we'll be able to prove that.
[[Sharon, Trudy, and Johnson exchange worried looks.]]

[[Fooker's hair has been fluffed and is now back to normal. He turns toward the door, rubbing his backside as if it aches.]]
Fooker: Well, let's not jump to conclusions. Document everything you can, and we'll sift through it all later. For now, I think I need a bath in antiseptic ointment...
[[Sharon gives her husband a sympathetic smile.]]

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