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[[All panels of this strip have rounded borders, and there is a "haze" over the visuals. We appear to be seeing through the eyes of a specific character, whose identity is currently unknown. The character narrates as he or she recounts the events we see. First, we see Nick, exhausted and angry. He appears to be locked in a struggle with the point-of-view character, who wields some sort of weapon it one hand.]]
Narrator: I saw Nick. He was tired and angry, and we appeared to be fighting each other. There was something like a gun in my hand. It was warm, as if it had just been fired.

[[The point-of-view character kicks Nick in the chest, knocking him backward.]]
Narrator: I kicked him, knocking him backward. I wanted to kill him, but it was out of time. I saw an opportunity and I seized it, while the others were distracted.

[[The narrator holds a remote control device in one hand, while Nick looks up at him or her as he lies prone on the floor.]]
Narrator: I reached into my pocket and pulled out a remote control. I tapped in a series of coordinates, then pulled one of the helmets onto my head. I was gloating.

[[As the narrator presses the largest button on the remote with his or her thumb, Nick holds up a circuit board. He smiles devilishly.]]
Narrator: Then, just as I pushed the button, right before I vanished in a flash of light, he pulled out a circuit board. He was smiling for some reason. I was about to find out why.

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