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[[All panels of this strip have rounded borders, and there is a "haze" over the visuals. We appear to be seeing through the eyes of a specific character, whose identity is currently unknown. The character narrates as he or she recounts the events we see. Before us is an empty, featureless void, filled only with a swirling mist.]]
Narrator: Then I was... I don't know WHERE I was. It was... nothing. Nowhere. It was a place between places, an empty void between realities. I realized too late what had happened.

[[The narrator holds up his or her hands in front of them. The hands are translucent; we are able to see the misty void through them.]]
Narrator: Nick had pulled out the... guidance circuit? I had failed to rematerialize. I was caught between universes, adrift, lost in time and space.

[[The narrator lowers his or her hands to see a dark, amorphous shape approaching.]]
Narrator: He had outwitted me. I laughed in spite of myself, although there was no sound. Then somewhere in the void, a shape began to form. It drifted toward me...

[[A sinister face appears in the black shape as it approaches with a diabolical grin.]]
Narrator: There was a face, featureless and dark. It spoke, but I heard the words in my head, not through my ears...
Face: Sorry to keep you waiting, your highness. I was... detained.

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