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[[Nick, Trudy, Fooker, Ki, and Sharon continue their discussion about Trudy's "dream" of how "Nega-Nick" escaped from the "Negaverse".]]
Nick: [Grimly] And this is the first time you've had this "dream"?
Trudy: That I'm aware of, yes. And it... felt different than most of my other dreams. It was definitely "the link" in action.

Ki: I thought you couldn't hear "Nega-Nick's" thoughts at a distance.
Trudy: I can't hear them now, but I'm awake. Maybe our conscious thoughts interfere unless we're both asleep.

Fooker: That could pose a problem, especially if this "dream link" is bidirectional.
Nick: I'm less concerned about "NN" snooping on what we're doing. We're not exactly hiding that.

Nick: I'm more concerned about what that dream implies. We now know HOW he survived and entered our universe, and we know he somehow had HELP.

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