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[[Nick, Trudy, Ki, Sharon, and Fooker continue their discussion of Trudy's "dream" where she witnessed "Nega-Nick's" escape from the "Negaverse". Most surprising has been the implied revelation that "Nega-Nick" had a mysterious benefactor who helped him arrive in the "prime" GPF universe.]]
Ki: [Surprised] But who would be helping "Nega-Nick"? And HOW?
Sharon: Maybe another Nick from another universe with his own MUTEX and Velociraptor combo...?

Trudy: [Uncomfortably] I don't think so. I have a theory, but none of you are going to like it...
Fooker: [Cocking an eyebrow] THIS ought to be good. Usually the dimension-hopping wackiness is the Nickster's beat.

Trudy: [Turning back to Nick] I told you about my nightmare about the Empress. But I didn't tell you about the OTHER visions I've seen, the ones I've had while I was awake.

Trudy: [Grimly] I chalked them up to me losing my sanity. With all I've been through, going crazy wouldn't be a surprise. But they're REAL. I DIDN'T imagine them. I KNOW that now.

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